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Sanitized - Touch Free Washroom Systems

57% of facility respondents expect a germ-free "Touch-Free" restroom in the future*.

Which Challenges Does Your Facility Face?

*Building Operating Management / March 2000

AutoFlush for Urinals and Toilets
400939 White                             $171
401187  Chrome Finish             $176
401981   Metal                            $211
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AutoFlush (wireless) for Tank Toilets
401812 White                        $176
401813 Chrome Finish         $183
AutoFaucet w/ surround sensor
401818 AutoFaucet SST            $250
w/ 4" or 8" cover plate               $275**
** Includes: main supply hose , mixing valve, hot and cold supply lines
AutoClean w/ Purinell Cleaner
Specify connector size 3/4", 1  1/4", or 1 1/2"    $117
400586 Case of 6 Purinell cleaner                         $60
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OneShot AutoSoap System
800 & 1600 ml soap refills

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500356 Dispenser w/ one Linen Fresh Refill        $65

MicroBurst 9000 Dispenser

Disposable Sanitary Mats are convenient, scented, absorbent, disposable mats for use under urinals and around commodes in a public restroom. The mats provide 24-hour protection from hygiene problems or potential slips caused by misses, overflows or sprinkles accumulating on the restroom floor. The mats keep strong uric acid from attacking tiles and grout, and reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to spot mop. Wicks up to 50 ounces of urinal “sprinkles”.

Customers don’t like paper toilet seat covers!  Most women are uncomfortable sitting on a toilet seat because of that “unclean” perception!  Seat B Clean™* Toilet Seat Wipes, a biodegradable and flushable moist wipe containing an exclusive patented DuPont Glyclean® (AM)** solution, are specifically designed to safely clean toilet seats. It is first and foremost a very powerful, fast-drying cleaner. What’s more, Glyclean is skin-friendly. Customers use Seat B Clean moist wipes to thoroughly clean the toilet seat, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination and eliminating the typical user apprehension associated with coming in contact with a public toilet seat. The moist wipes help businesses retain customers by improving restroom hygiene and to make restroom use a positive experience for all customers. Seat B Clean’s patented design is easy to use, simple to install, and is not subject to mechanical failure.