G&P One - Grinder & Polisher


Stonekor G&P ONE Grinder

The G&P One is all about productivity. A solid concrete Grinder and Polisher, with the G&P One there is no more need for two machines on site. A hefty, 1,300 lbs of concrete grinding muscle, taking concrete surface prep, grinding and concrete polishing equipment to new levels.

No back charges on jobs for utility bills. No need to pay for an onsite generator to power your concrete grinding equipment. Propane fuels the 22 hp Robin engine that is certified to meet EPA and CARB requirements with an Emissions Shut Down System and clean burning catalytic muffler. With a 30" cordless path, it utilizes three 13" rotating heads. Instead of multiple diamond changes, only three pre-loaded quick change plates are needed for each grit.

Wet grinding features include an 11 gallon water tank. Dry polishing features include a rear vacuum port located near the floor for more efficient dust collection. The frame of the grinding/polishing machine routes the vacuum hose out to one side to keep the hose clear from machine operator. Mechanical features include a Heavy Duty Kill Switch, Centrifugal Clutch, Vernier Throttle, and KORô Gearbox.

The G&P One comes standard with a Tach O Meter that displays engine hours, engine RPM and service intervals. Aluminum safety fuel cylinder with overfill prevention device (OPD) UL and DOT approved and Two Year limited warranty.


  • Increased Productivity
  • Superior Construction
  • Simple Design
  • Ease of Maintenace
  • Dry Vac Port
  • Water Tank
  • Quick Change Diamonds
  • KORô Gearbox
  • EPA & CARB Approved